laboratory equipment

All the information about the laboratory types of equipment.

Medical, chemical, physics laboratories are the major laboratories which has equipment are in the use in day to day process. Mainly the medical equipments are high in cost than the other lab equipment. While buying the laboratory equipment the buyer should be more particular in choosing the good branded companies. Because all equipment are prolonged use, so it should not damaged easily. When it is medical equipment it is the plays a major role so we can get from the companies like alignment technology inc, Hoffmann – LaRoche, Becton, Dickinson and company these are the companies which provides the best equipment in the market. While purchasing the warranty of the equipment is the most important.

Chemical lab equipment:

Not only in schools but also in the field of medical research scientists use the chemistry lab equipment. The common chemical lab equipment is beaker which is the pot shape glass container which used to mix the different types of chemicals, vials are like beaker which is smaller in size, the centrifuge is used majorly in the DNA analysis, test tubes used to test the reaction of the chemicals, pipets, Erlenmeyer flask used for the heat chemicals which can hold the vapor in it for a long duration, etc.

After every use of the equipment with the chemicals, it should be cleaned properly with the respected solution and in the chemical laboratory, most of the equipment is in glass so it should be maintained and stored in a sturdy place.

Physics lab equipment:

  In the physics lab, we have equipment like ammeter, rheostat, filter paper, calorimeter, voltmeter, alcohol lamps, etc, wherein the higher level the scientists have the equipment based to develop satellites and other nanotechnology products.

Medical lab equipment:

Medical laboratory equipment needs more space to dump in. And the biomedical equipment is used to humans which should be protected with more safety. The equipment we commonly have known are ECG, X-ray, ultrasound MRI, CT scanners, glucometer, thermometer, etc. There is other major equipment also available in hospitals like PET, heart to lung machines, etc.

There is another type of medical equipment that is called home medical equipment [HME]. These are specifically for the patient who should under medical care. The equipment is wheelchairs, artificial limbs, diabetic shoes, etc. These are the products which can be easily available and maintained. All the home medical equipment is easily available and replaceable in the pharmacy or the respected hospital store. These should be maintained properly by the respected scanning labs or hospitals when these machines are under prolonged usage it should be cleaned and maintain its PH level and all transmitted types of equipment should be rinsed or wiped after the regular use by deionized water.

laboratory equipment

For the medical laboratory, it is CCR- central contractor registration where they can provide the proper protection on the scheduled months or period of usage. Preventive maintenance results from the long life of the types of equipment. And there is another department called biomedical equipment technician generally called as BMET who are the authorized and specialized technicians completely for the laboratory pieces of equipment.