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Many people invest in real estate today because it is a promising sector. However, you must choose the house to build if you want to make a profit on your investment. You can, for example, set your sights on one of the models offered on the website, but before, take care to choose the manufacturer you trust. You can trust Eric Arnoux promoteur in this case.

Choose a manufacturer offering a CCMI

Make sure that the builder who will take charge of your real estate project offers you a CCMI or Individual House Construction Contract. The latter will guarantee the delivery of your home according to the price and the deadline. Thanks to him, the insurer will take care of finishing the work if the professional intervening on the site has gone bankrupt. Speaking of warranty, the CCMI also obliges the manufacturer to offer several covers: perfect completion, proper functioning, deposit refund.

Prioritize a builder with good financial health

Eric Arnoux promoteur

Seeking the services of a specialist with excellent financial health is recommended. It inspires confidence since it has the budget required to build the accommodation according to your wishes. So do whatever is necessary to have all the information on the subject. You can, for example, request them directly from the manufacturer. Otherwise, the bank can also help you obtain information that is often inaccessible to everyone. In addition, builders’ unions are an effective way to learn more about the subject.

Visit the sites supported by the manufacturer

To ensure the builder’s know-how, a visit to its sites is recommended. You will have the opportunity to see his team at work. If after this step you still have doubts, you can always seek the advice of a homeowner who has already trusted the expert. The latter will not hesitate to advise the specialist if he has disappointed him. On the contrary, he will recommend it if the professional has met his expectations.

Do you want to build your house? Depending on your wishes and your budget, several options are possible. You can go through a single-family home builder or hire an architect and building companies. By knowing a little and by surrounding yourself with experts, you also have the alternative of self-construction which allows you to make significant savings. Find out all the information to make the best choice for building your home.

Having your house built by a house construction company: selection criteria

The individual housebuilder is a professional who takes care of the entire construction of the house. This will greatly facilitate your life on the site since the builder will be the sole contact for the client. Another advantage of going through a builder is the security offered by the construction contract which he will have you sign, which is very supervised and regulated:

After signing the contract for the construction of a detached house (CCMI), you have a withdrawal period of ten days from the delivery of the signed contract) in case you wish to withdraw without having to provide a reason.

The CCMI offers you increased protection compared to the contract of enterprise because the manufacturer must subscribe a financial guarantee of delivery at an agreed price and on a date. You are thus covered in the event of non-compliance with the contract or bankruptcy of the manufacturer.