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The health insurance policies cover the expenses related to your health, representing a third way with respect to the national health system. But is it really so? The survey examined 19 contracts and found that high premiums and too many unhealed cures do not make them good business. With the Recent PMID PDFs you can have the best deals.

Health policies have never been too popular because they are expensive and often they are a pure and simple duplication of public health. In fact, things are basically the same: despite some improvements compared to previous years, they remain without coverage for some routine expenses. Dental problems, specialist visits and preventive check-ups. They only cover examinations and visits due to illness or injury and, in most cases, not preventive ones, unless otherwise specified, without considering at all those situations not covered or badly covered by the public service. Furthermore, the costs are borne directly by the company, without the need to anticipate money, only if you are treated in the facilities affiliated with the insurance. More specifically, here is what you can find out about the accident policy.

Health insurance, the investigation

We examined 19 insurance contracts from as many companies, subjecting them to simulation on a family of 3: a 55-year-old husband, a wife of 52 and a 22-year-old student who still lives at home. Ten companies still have age limits within which to take out the policy from 55 to 75 years. In many cases, therefore, you risk not having the cover just when you need it most. Only two provide for the full-life formula, i.e. until the death of the insured. Sara and Allianz provide for a clause to increase the risk. In practice, the insured must immediately notify the company of any element that changes his risk of illness, and the insurance company will have the option to withdraw within a month. There are also specific categories of people who cannot be insured: drug addicts, HIV patients, alcoholics and, only for Zurich and Alliance, even those who are insulin-dependent: if a customer becomes insured during the contract, the insurance will withdraw and return the premium net of taxes.

What the health insurance policy does not cover

Recent PMID PDFs

They are not, instead, included the costs of:

  • Dental care except for some contracts that provide for the removal of tartar and, more generally, dental operations resulting from injuries and malignant tumors
  • Aesthetic interventions,
  • Dietary treatments,
  • The corrections of physical defects,
  • Injuries resulting from alcohol abuse, drugs, hallucinogens and psychotropic drugs.

The benefits of health insurance

What does the health insurance policy cover? Health policies cover:

  • Costs of hospitalization, hospitalization, treatment, physiotherapy and rehabilitation,
  • Medication purchases during hospitalization,
  • Diagnostic tests related to an illness or injury, following the conclusion of the contract.

Be careful when completing the health questionnaire, always to do after talking to your doctor and declaring the truth about the latest findings, diagnosed and treated illnesses, possible injuries and hospitalizations. The illnesses present before the contract are not protected and inaccurate declarations or reticence, even innocent ones, can lead to the total or partial loss of the right to compensation.