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New earnings models are emerging. And collaboration between professionals is becoming more important every day. In the meantime, IT systems are increasingly becoming the basis for doing business in the world of financial and legal services. For good financial and legal advice in addition to the necessary professional knowledge there is, however, still a considerable portion of trust. The use of the Plagiarism Checker happens to be essential in this case.

Autumn has clearly begun gray and blue skies alternate rapidly. The table discussion breaks loose. The changing financing options, crowd-funding, the importance of personal contact and cooperation, new legislation, revenue models and a new phenomenon such as block-chain are all discussed. But it is also about the increasing influence of ICT on the daily course of affairs, both with the financial service providers themselves and with their clients. Whoever has that in order, can view the numbers at any time of the day and can steer.

Miss Feeling

The administration offices advise their clients, for example, to switch to online accounting in order to keep feeling with their figures. Where people don’t do it ourselves, we fill it in, but it is not our preference. Because you see in practice that entrepreneurs who do not do it themselves, lack the feeling with their expenses. We must continue to insist on that.

Where Will You Be In Five Years?

There is also an increasing need to call on specialists simply because the knowledge is needed. The legislator requires entrepreneurs to do a lot, but the smaller the company, the less extensive the expertise you have in many areas. That makes sense. That means that external expertise must be called in automatically and that can of course be very diverse, think of the bank, accountancy and notary. Sometimes it is not done enough. We do not have all the knowledge in-house and we often work together with parties to be able to serve our customers well. Where will you be in five years? And are you willing to adjust your business plan?


It is also not always easy for companies to properly interpret complex matters. It is often a combination of strategic choices, legal advice and financial possibilities to come to a good solution. Choices that you make now often have consequences for later in the process. Many people think that if they have arranged something, it is also future-proof, but of course that is no longer the case. That is often not recognized or it is postponed to take action.

Plagiarism Checker

People often have to have a goal to take action, for example a future company takeover or a good revenue model to create company value.  The conversation participants indicate that they look for opportunities together with their customers. Occasionally it also happens that companies are too ambitious. At some point the term block chain falls on the basis of which some companies have increased enormously in recent times, although there still seems to be a lot of uncertainty.


Experts indicate that position may change drastically in the coming year due to a blockchain development, because as a controller he is involved in an innovative start-up. That can take a big flight because they plan to put the entire flexible labor market in a blockchain. That can go sky high, but it can also fail warn them against competition from larger parties who see their market collapse because clients and contractors start communicating directly with each other. It is fairer, but it also has a major challenge.