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Our advice is to put all the elements of digital marketing into practice. When everything interacts and reinforces each other, marketing becomes more effective.

An overall to-do list:

Make digital contact with potential customers. Obtain consent for personal communication. Send information that is customized to what you know about the individual and where the person is in the buying process. We say it’s about making the lead warm. Gather more and more information about people over time. Add information from other databases. From the google adwords agency you can get a perfect understanding.

Create digital plans and strategies

google adwords agency

An example of a common content marketing approach:

Post an article to the desired channel, such as Facebook. Make sure the entire article does not appear, just a little. With paid advertising, you give the spread an extra boost.

The Facebook post or ad links to your website where the entire article is located. That way you make sure the article also has a long life.

Under the article, you give the reader the opportunity to sign up for newsletters or similar. Thus, you get the reader into the funnel and the work of converting to paying customers can begin. With a combination of newsletters and offers, the reader will hopefully buy something eventually.

You still get more information about the customer. You send out a survey, you check what the customer clicks on in the newsletters, you see what offers the customer responds to and you find out where the customer lives. The information you use to optimize your digital marketing. You can also top it all off with a loyalty program or a customer club.

Let inbound marketing go hand in hand with content marketing

So you start broadly in social media and end up with a close customer relationship where the customer dialogue is adapted to the individual. It is like a funnel that gets narrower and narrower at the same time as you know more and more about the individual.

In short, this does not mean that you are only active in social media. You also need to upgrade your website, work with SEO, create a customer club, send out newsletters and delve into the statistics.

Reverse funnel

But also think that funnel can be wider and wider. In your digital strategy, you should include articles, videos, contests and friends offer that people want to spread. Then you do not have to spend money on the spread. This, of course, assumes that the competition is fun enough and that the article is useful enough.

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