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In the consultation technique, the seller must bring the buyer into a constructive debate, as if the two were assembling together the solution he needs. Follow the daily news now and come up with the best options for the same.

Use expressions like:

  • We were thinking about this arrangement of elements, what do you think? Solve your problem?
  • What if we took this off and added that?
  • Have another suggestion? Which alternative is more suitable?

That way you practically put the proposal in front of it. In the end, it is even possible to try to hit the hammer. After all, it was he who defined everything. Want to know other sales negotiation tips from a different perspective? Here’s how to handle sales objections: foolproof techniques and negotiate more easily.


daily news

Collaborating means working together. If you can offer the customer something that will help him or she adapt your solution, that is, if you collaborate with him or her, this may be a way of closing it. Offer support to create an action plan to implement the project, develop a layout, show how the solution would be implemented through an animation that helps convince the board, bring their technicians on a field visit, etc. These are all ways of collaborating with the buyer in ways that they often did not expect. Make him realize he can count on you.


Use the pressure technique, but don’t overdo it. Another risky trading tip, but sometimes necessary, especially with undecided buyers. Make placements to show the customer that he has a problem, you have the solution, and he needs to make a decision soon before things get worse. When you reach the limit of your concessions and know that you cannot give in anymore, it is a good time for this tactic, since you already know that if it does not close under these conditions, the sale would not be made anyway.


Join others to make your offer. These may be vendors of products or services that are complementary to yours, other employees of the buyer’s company who find your proposal appropriate, people, within their circle of influence that you know. There are several possibilities as long as it is pertinent for these people to join you in the negotiation and for the buyer to respect and consider them.


Use arguments such as tradition, company norms, good market practices, industry customs, legislation, and others that indicate that this is the path everyone uses. Once again we remember that this is a technique that adds to the others because the goal is always to offer the best solution to the customer. Fintechs is formed by companies in this segment that have, among other objectives, meet the demands of the Fintechs segment. The association’s proposal is to represent its interests and to be the interlocutor between the companies and the regulatory bodies.

So seeking Fintechs membership will be a win. They have achieved their goal very competently and done amazing work in this industry, as well as being a source of high-quality information and networking.

Defend and Seek Sandbox Regulation

Created by regulators in Europe, the Sandbox Regulation is a temporary license. It is used for companies using innovative financial technologies, enabling them to test their solution legally in the marketplace while validating their business model and moving towards the feasibility of a permanent license.