sites like Linktree

How to link multiple sites to your Instagram for free?

You can make your own mobile-optimized landing page easily than using sites like Linktree to build links and create a landing page.

sites like Linktree

In a survey, it has been proved that ninety-five percent of people using Instagram only via their smartphones. Only very few percentages of people use pads and tablets. And there are really very few percentages of people who use the Instagram web. So the catch here is that you will have to optimize your page mainly for mobile users since the majority of Instagram users are using it on mobile. And doing this quite efficiently, needful, and extremely easy!

If you are already equipped with a website, then it will not take much time to create a landing page. It will occupy less than 30 minutes to just create a new landing page on your website. You will just have to create a page, and do some designs for your brand and add your links. That is all! You are ready to go! Do not worry if you are not a techie. This can be easily done even if you are from a nontechnical background.

Also, the awesome advantage is that you can create your webpage using the drag and drop option or by just clicking a button in any content management system. There are many content management systems out three. Some of the well-known contempt management systems are WordPress, Wix, Blogger, Weebly, or Squarespace. The best alternative to linktree premium is just by creating a landing page in WordPress.

WordPress is a simple tool that will enable you to create your own website. It is really easy to create a website using WordPress. Even if you are from a non-technical background, you can easily create websites using WordPress with just a simple guide that you find online. You also have a much free online support group for WordPress where you can ask and clarify your doubts.

When creating your landing page in WordPress do not forget to make attractive designs and also give a good and cool URL. Url’s are important since they depict what is inside the page.

The name of the page you are adding on your website will completely rely on your brand. Whereas there are some Url ideas that will work for you.

  • com/dopeness
  • com/hi
  • com/Instagram
  • com/holla

You can use these below tips to take your landing page to another level:

  1. You can enable some icons like “take action”, “Vist page”, “get connected”. Keep things clear and simple. Adding these types of icons will enable your visitors to take action.
  2. Have customizable designs and also do not act too smart by adding a lot of designs. Keep your theme relevant to your brand.
  3. You can also design some images for the thumbnail and also write some texts that are cool. You will have some themes that are just dragged and drop in many theme designers like them and elements.
  4. Always, add a description of your business and the services you provide. You can be creative in multiple ways here. But remember not to overexploit the freedom of creating your own landing page.