wooden wedding rings

How to make a wooden ring?

A wooden ring crafted with the hand is rustic but it is a majestic accessory that costs only a few amounts to make it by ourselves. To make a ring by ourselves self we need to collect the scrap wood and also we need to have the drill press to mark the shape of it. Once you marked the design in the wood, you can drill with the tools to make the ring. The wood has to be drilled gradually to mark the accurate shape. The edges have to be marked carefully as it makes the elegant look to the ring. After the ring had been shaped, it has to be coated with natural oil or beeswax to save the wood from damages. Special attention is given for making wooden wedding rings .

The completed ring has to be extremely thin. It is vital to select the type of wood which will have the capacity to make a ring using sawing, drilling, and smoothing. Many rich species are available in the market to make the wooden ring. The darker color wood will be harder to make. Softer woods are more prone to crack while shaping it. We have to make a sample process to create a ring so that it will be easier to make the original ring without any damage. Even a large piece of wood will also cost a fewer amount. In some cases, you can also find some good wooden pieces at free of cost. The measure has to be taken correctly to design a ring.

wooden wedding rings

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You can measure horizontal or vertical design as per your wish. Saw has to be used to cut the wood with the line you had drawn. If the saw was not done properly, then it will get broken before finishing. Usually, square blocks were used which will help to transform the wood into a finished ring by shaping it. If you don’t have power saw you can also use the old method of hand saw to create it. But hand saw makes more time to make the product and labor due will be higher. Have a marker to mark the shape with small dots at the wooden square block to cut. Here you have to keep the tip of the hole to cut the ring’s hole.

You need not be worried regarding the placement of the ring as you can remove the excess material associated with the external sides of the ring. When you use wood bore with fine tip the results will be the best. The marked point will create the placement of the hole whereas the edges create the perfect look of the ring. To have the perfect size in your new ring you have to provide your ring size or your old ring as a model of your finger size. It will be helpful to make a perfect ring without any damage. After the process is over, remove the piece from the clamp and turn it over and protect it. Check it twice whether the tip is situated perfectly with the hole. Next, repeat the process from another side to make it a perfect wooden ring.