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Perfection Stays Essential in the real Estate Making

A professional will be able to make your dream come true because this way you will be more familiar with the idea of ​​what your future home will look like. In addition, you can effectively discuss with your architect about any detail that needs to be improved according to your needs, taste and budget. So pay attention to the seven tips we have outlined for you. From the Eric Arnoux Dubai blogs, you will be able to have a proper understanding of the whole process.

Eric Arnoux Dubai

Decide which divisions are needed

The family must first decide how many rooms they need, starting with the rooms: surely a master suite and a dormitory will be needed for each child, depending on their age and gender. Then think about the bathroom, the size of the common areas, and the attachments that include areas such as the garage or laundry room. When you have defined all these divisions, you must decide by

  • Separate living and dining room.
  • Integrated dining room in the living room or kitchen.
  • Small dining area in the kitchen and separate dining room.
  • Living room with or without television.
  • Office to work from home or room for your children’s studies. This last space, if used only by children, can be integrated into the bedrooms.
  • Space for washing and drying (laundry).
  • The service area for selective waste.
  • Bathroom and laundry area on the ground floor.

Organize the environments

Let’s start from the top floor: bedrooms, a bathroom and a hallway. Here there may also be a TV area or a family meeting space. On the ground floor, the living room, the dining room, the kitchen, the toilet and the service areas. The relationships between spaces are obvious but sometimes each family has its own preferences and so is not a universal rule.

The kitchen must be directly connected to the dining room, the outside terrace and the service areas of the house. The dining room must be connected to the living room and the latter to the entrance hall. The hall, although it does not have to be very large, should function as a distribution and circulation center in relation to the rest of the residence, in addition to serving as a business card. In this space, decoration plays a very important role in the first impact with the interior of the home.

Establish connections vertically and horizontally

The relationship between spaces is very important and so you should establish what your preferences are since if you prefer to maintain the intimacy of each element, you need to establish horizontal and vertical links between the various divisions that fulfill this purpose, for example, being able to go from the upstairs bedroom to the service areas without having to go through the room using a staircase in the hall or corridor.

This relationship between the private areas such as the rooms and the service areas is important. It can keep the social spaces, like the living room, without a view of the stairs. It all depends on the needs and preferences of each family. Still, you should always keep in mind that the vertical connection between the spaces in the house must be well defined from the beginning in order to establish a good architectural design.