SEO PersonSelection: Avoid rip-off! Tips & Checklist

Rip-off by dubious SEO agencies is still a big issue and more present than ever. In the past, people have been very busy with the topic of agency selection for SEA and SEO and would like to re-examine the topic of SEO agency selection with my current experience based on some older contributions.

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In the following, you will get to know about the typical practices of SEO service providers that are not always optimal for customers and explain what to look for. Many of the listed tips and hints can be based on the SEO example and applied to the service provider search in other areas. From the dich vu seo foogleseo you can have all the supports now.

Who next to search engine optimization

If you would like to use additional services, you should look for larger agencies with more than two employees and several core competencies. You should be skeptical if a freelancer or an agency with two or three employees offers a whole range of services. The website should make it clear at first glance that the desired services, such as SEO, are among the core competencies of the company. Core competencies are services that are usually communicated on the start page and are highlighted. For that SEO course and training are the two very important aspects.

The search for egg-laying will be difficult, as agencies have to employ a large number of specialists to handle the entire range of technology, design, performance marketing, creativity, Cover corporate communications and web analytics. There are only a few large full-service agencies that can portray such a thing. Working with multiple service providers in different areas together makes an in-house online marketing manager a lot of sense.

Where do you find potential SEO agencies?

It’s hard to start, even when choosing a professional SEO agency. If you have not dealt with the subject of SEO in advance, it is often difficult to start an agency search. There are some directories and lists where you can start the agency search. However, these lists and directories are not a guarantee of completeness or quality, because the inclusion takes place for money or if there are other inclusion criteria, these are just above the sward. One finds here also one or other questionable agency entry in these lists. Other than that there are a good number of SEO training centers that you can consult with regarding the service providers.

Of course, you can also search for terms such as “SEO agency,” “SEO service provider” or “SEO Company” on Google or you found in the search for other SEO-relevant terms on an agency. The local proximity is relevant in combination with the respective place. Agencies listed here on the first page of search results seem to understand at least how to get your website ranked on their important keywords. However, this is also rather a weak first evaluation criterion, since agencies only prove that they understand it for themselves.

The best approach to pre-selecting suitable agencies is to make recommendations from trusted individuals in the immediate environment who can objectively evaluate their recommendation from the field. If you do not have any people in your immediate environment, you have the opportunity to research some top rankings of companies in neighboring industries and to ask them if they are working with an SEO service provider and if so yes with which.