Smart Crypto Trading for You

Do not believe the one who says that $ 100 is enough to get rich on the exchange. The larger the deposit, the more opportunities there are for implementing effective risk management. In other words, the less percent of the deposit falls on each individual order, the less risk there is to merge capital. So, if you have at least a few thousand dollars in your account, then you can place not 1-2, but immediately a dozen orders on various currency pairs, without risking all means. Also on the same currency pair, you can place several orders from different levels at once. You can put your trust over Trustedbrokerz now.


Of course, you can guess the price movement of a coin bought before this at $ 100 at the very bottom. After some time, you can get $ 1000, and even make x20. On the other hand, with an unfavorable outcome of events and a sharp dump, the amount of $ 100 can quickly disappear.

As mentioned earlier, you should not go all-in and put everything on one hype crypto asset. It is better to gradually capitalize profits from small transactions and increase your trading account. When the capital grows to a decent amount, the same 1-2% of the deposit with conservative 10-30% of the profit from the transaction will bring tangible income each time.

If you have only $ 100 do not rush to start trading accumulate a little more, or simply put them for the long term in bitcoin. On the stock exchange, try not only to increase money with the help of money but also simply save what is.

More Deals More Profits

This item largely overlaps with the previous one. Do not put everything on one coin, trade several crypto assets. If the profit on small orders is still imperceptible do not worry, consider it a useful training. If you really want to motivate yourself with the first tolerable profit from trading trade in several pairs, trying to carry out small but profitable transactions more often. Thus, with a small capital, you will increase the turnover of funds and this will positively affect the financial results. The movement of capital is sometimes more important than its magnitude.

Trade on Big Timeframes

At least at first, choose large time frames. The weekly timeframe can be used to review the general trend and the dynamics of trading volumes. On the daily and four-hour charts, support and resistance levels are clearly visible. For more or less accurate entry into the transaction, you can use the hour, 30 and 15 minute time frames.

For example, on the daily ETH or USD chart, the level in the region of $ 412, drawn from the June maximum, is not badly traced. In early December 2017, the price of ether seemed to rebound from this mark, which serves as support.

In this case, you can carefully place a limit buy order at this mark, since it is likely that the price will return to this level once more and then continue the uptrend. The question arises: why shouldn’t beginners get carried away with small timeframes, because you can make a profit on them almost every 10-20 minutes? The answer is simple high risk. So, cryptocurrencies are very volatile and on a small timeframe, everything can change extremely quickly, and not for the better for a trader.