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The concept is standard bullshit bingo equipment. The term is used in so many meanings that it is easy for the listener to confuse concepts. What does a marketing concept mean? The discussion is easier when everyone understands the concepts in the same way. There are so many meanings to a concept that the word often confuses rather than clarifies it. Therefore, the concept should always be defined before use. From the adwords agency  you can have the best choices made now.

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The Dictionary of the Language Agency gives the word three meanings:

  • A draft of a written work, a copy to be written.
  • Plans, preliminary calculations, intentions, drawings.
  • The mission of the company product idea.

In the written word, the concept implies unfinished: it is not finished yet, it is under construction. In everyday use, the concept is synonymous with plans. Everything went according to concepts means that things went as expected and planned. Companies just love concepts: there are concept stores, chain store concepts, event and product concepts, creative concepts, project concept design, concept cars.

The English concept word refers to something in our mind: thought, notion, an abstract or generic idea, lists Miriam-Webster. And when you dig a little deeper, an idea of ​​what something is or how it works.

The concept is the link between strategy and everyday life

The idea and how it works. We are now starting to approach what the concept means in marketing. But let’s take a look at the big picture, which is where the concept is in the marketing march. Marketing can be divided into three levels:

  • Strategy
  • Concepts
  • Production

The marketing strategy defines, among other things, brand personality, tone of voice, core story, buyer personalities, and channels. The concept is based on a marketing strategy: it clarifies the core of the strategy.

The concept is the link between the strategic upper cloud and the everyday hustle. It guides brainstorming and production. This way, the concept ensures a consistent brand presence across all channels and meeting points.

How does the concept handle this important task?

It becomes clear when you look at the kind of materials the concepts are designed for. The cornerstone of a concept is an idea, an insight or an original perspective that sets it apart from its core. The idea crystallizes something essential on the one hand, on the other hand, about the target group and, on the other hand, about the product, service or company. The concept jumps on the customer’s boots but keeps the company hat on.

A working concept appeals to both reason and emotion. The concept simultaneously convinces and touches. Typically, companies operating in the consumer market place an emphasis on the emotional side, and the b2b market relies more on the rational.

A good concept helps you brainstorm

In practice, a concept is a description of an idea. A good idea is always simple, and the concept design is about clarifying the idea. All that is unnecessary must be removed until only the core is left. Once found, the concept should be written down and documented with appropriate accuracy.

On the other hand, the concept must be so detailed that the idea can be understood. On the other hand, the concept must be generic enough and give only frames. The concept is meant to generate ideas and does not stifle creativity and imagination.