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The Perfect Screen Protection for You Now

Still, hesitating to put a tempered glass film on your smartphone? Are you one of those who want to keep a bare phone to preserve its design? We give you good reasons to change your mind. From the screen protection manufacturers iphone you can expect the best there.

Protection against scratches

This is the most obvious reason. The tempered glass prevents scratching your screen since it receives all external aggressions. Even if most smartphones have a Gorilla Glass screen which protects them not too bad from scratches, daily use causes micro-scratches, the friction in the jeans pocket, in your bag, etc. You may be the most careful in the world your screen will necessarily have micro-scratches over time. And if you are the type who is not very attentive, well you are surely used to admiring a branded screen.

Reduces fingerprints

Yes, the manufacturers, Apple in mind, tout the fact that each smartphone screen has an oleophobic coating. What is it exactly? It is a kind of protective layer that limits the adhesion of fingerprints on the screen. But this layer wears out over time and you may notice that your fingerprints are more and more visible.

Even if you have clean hands, there is the natural “fat” on the skin that leaves streaks. Tempered glass films are also fitted with an oleophobic coating. And since it is much cheaper to change the tempered glass than the screen when it is worn, you understand the reasoning.

Avoid accidents

In any case, from experience, we know it. It happened so quickly, you put your phone in your bag but your keys were already in the same place. You clean your screen with a not so soft cloth or with a residue that you had not seen. In short, with tempered glass, you still limit the risk of breakage and accident.

Saving on a future smartphone screen change

It is better to break your tempered glass than your screen. The cost is obviously not the same. Of course, SOSav offers you all possible smartphone screens imaginable in the event of major sores. But prevention is better than cure, right? For example, it takes around 70 $ to change the screen of an iPhone 7. On Samsung, the bill can climb faster, just like Huawei. Nothing is impossible but it is an expense that you can largely avoid with tempered glass.

Best Resale Rib

To have put a tempered glass on your screen is to have preserved it from natural wear. Especially if you have paired it with a discreet but effective TPU shell. In fact, if you want to resell it to change your mobile, its rating will only be better. And you will have less to invest to adopt a newer model.

screen protection manufacturers iphone

Should I buy a tempered glass film for iPhone 7?

Having a smartphone with a touch screen like for an iPhone 7 is certainly very practical, but requires a lot of maintenance. Simple cracks and scratches, fingerprints or other dirt can affect the functionality of the touchscreen. In addition, in the event of an impact or a fall, the screen is the part that risks being easily damaged. However, as the screen is one of the important elements of a smartphone, it must be protected.