hospital beds Toronto

Why the Toronto’s hospital beds are so costly?

Have you ever thought about why the hospital beds are so costly and how the hospitals have chosen them? Generally, the hospital beds are specially made or designed for the patients with unique features and convenience. The modern features like wheels enable beds, with side rails, CPR functions, tilting facility, and elevation functions to lift the head, legs, and entire body. Let us conclude why the hospital beds Toronto are much costly than other cities’ hospitals in Canada. All we know that; the city of Toronto is the beautiful capital of Ontario. According to the census of 2016, the population of Toronto is 6.5 lakh. For their health care and welfare of the whole city, the perfect and comfy hospital beds are manufacturing and buying from some of the best trading companies.

hospital beds Toronto

Why are the hospital beds costly in Toronto?

While comparing to the other developed countries with universal coverage of medical care expenses, Canada has a short supply of medical sources like doctors and hospital beds. You know why? As per the data of 2017, Canada is the second-highest population which is 11.1%, behind Switzerland. But now again, the medical care system of Canada became worse generally than in the other equivalent countries. Though Canada was ranked as 21st country out of 26 for the MRI machines, also the 21st position out of 27 countries for CT Scans, the wait-time patients are still average to maintain. And so, the death rates, especially the cities like Toronto, East, and North York, were reached hike due to some pandemics like COVID 19.

Among the ten comparable countries, Canada was the last one for the highest percentage of patients waiting for two months or more to consult the appropriate specialists. And also, 18% of patients wait for nearly four months or even longer for their proper surgeries. These are the leading causes of hospital bed hike prices in Toronto.

The cost of hospital beds in Ontario:

Let us know what types of hospital and home beds and their price ranges are. Generally, hospital beds for palliative care units of Ontario are almost 630 dollars to 77o dollars for each. The average cost of hospital beds cares 842 dollars per day. If the patients are long-term care, that will be 126 dollars per day. The most convincible rate is only for the home care beds, which is in the affordable price of 42 dollars that too even per day only. The medical care system of Canada is ready to buy the beds for the high cost, too, because they have to take care of the patients and their health conditions. They can afford from $25000 to $30000 each for the ICU beds, and for the surgical beds, typical medical best they can afford 5000 dollars to 10000 dollars. Last but not most miniature Bariatrics beds are going expensive, almost like 35 to 40K dollars for each.

Best Hospitals and Home Care Beds are:

Some of the preferable beds for hospitals are Idle sleep adjustable beds, Lumex patriot semi-electric beds, Lucid L300 adjustable bed bases, Trendelenburg hospital bed, Drive medical 15300BV-PKG full electric bariatric hospital bed, etc.