automatic instagram likes and comments

Choose Your Options for the Smartest Social media Likes

The fact that the followers are real and active makes it possible to remain within the legal framework defined by the legal notices of Instagram. The prohibited practices are those of fake followers. These methods are indeed prohibited and reprehensible. Our techniques are based on the legal means of communication. With the Buy Social Signals this is essential.

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automatic instagram likes and comments

There are regular studies that warn against buying fans and the negative impact it can have on an account. How do you respond to these warnings? The service should be seen as an aid to the digital strategy and not a strategy in itself. In other words, think of it as a boost.

The goal is not to deceive your subscribers but rather to give your content a chance to stand out by the number, to then attract attention and allow the greatest number to judge for them the relevance from your account. It is also unnecessary to focus on buying followers at the expense of content, it would make no sense and the intended target will not necessarily be this one.

Precisely, what are for you the “best practices” to adopt to develop your Instagram account naturally?

The most important thing is to focus on the published content, use the right Hashtags, be active and interact. You have to create engagement, interest, publish stories and have a frequency of adding regular content. “Mass follow” is a widely used practice, the effectiveness of which is highly criticized. This method is to follow and like a large number of people in the hope that they subscribe to you in return. The work is tedious and the results are not always up to expectations.

How do you respond to those who tell you that you are creating “false influence”?

In a market like digital marketing where competition is fierce, newcomers rarely have the chance to be exposed. Companies like have placed advice and support for their customers at the heart of their strategy.

The objective of our services is not to create false influencers. It would have no interest in our customers. Their audience would not necessarily be affected by their content. Engagement would, therefore, below when the latter end up making product placements, for example, the repercussions will not be consistent with their number of subscribers. The digital marketing community is a small sector where counterfeiters are quickly exposed.

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When you are ready to invest a budget in your social networks, why go through the purchase of followers and not just by “official” advertising via the tools of Instagram or Facebook? The rise of e-commerce has rocketed the prices of Facebook and Instagram ads. The cost today is far too high for a person with limited means.

In addition, when a person is targeted by your advertisement and the latter consult your account, the number of followers and likes will contribute to the conversion of the buyer. It is a form of guarantee for them, the “social proof” will allow you to lower your cost per conversion and thus maximize your profits.

Another look at the numbers

Instagram is currently testing a suppression of the display of the number of likes per photo, a small development that does not mask a great reality: still often, the “number” is assimilated influence, as the founder points out.