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Find the Perfect Ad Content Option for You

Content marketing is a two-stage rocket. The first is to create very good content to respond to the problems of your personas. The second stage is to promote your content to give them the best possible exposure. While most marketers are proficient in content creation, many find it difficult to promote it effectively. Want your rocket to take off? Here are the best practices that will change your life. The use of gif content is also quite important here.

Adopt a sharing strategy on social networks

Social networks bring together millions, even billions of Internet users. And, among them, your target customers are present. To reach them, you will, therefore, benefit from setting up a sharing strategy on social networks.

However, in practice, the vast majority of content is shared less than 8 times on social networks. Why so little because many companies have not yet integrated a documented social media strategy. Indeed, it is not a question of sharing content, haphazardly, on Facebook or Twitter, then waiting for it to happen. To reach your target customers, you must set up a sharing schedule for each of your content.

Each content must be shared several times on different networks and with various messages. To make it easier, you can use planning tools like Buffer or Hootsuite, or use the social sharing features of a marketing automation solution.

Work on your community of influencers

You publish wonderful content on an extremely fascinating subject. So exciting that other players in your sector are also creating content and have created a captive audience. Among these actors, there are your competitors, perhaps, but especially influencers with whom you could establish partnerships.

Do you want your content to be shared more widely? Do these influencers reach audiences that match your targeting criteria? Here are 2 ways to work effectively with influencers.

The first is to contact them, prior to the creation of your content, to invite them to share their opinion on the subject you are dealing with. By integrating their contribution into your article, you will arouse their irrepressible desire to share your content.

The second way to work with influencers is to contact them to notify them of the publication of your new content and to invite them to share it with their audience. This obviously assumes that your content brings added value to their readership.

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Generate backlinks by intervening on blogs and forums

By generating backlinks inbound links to your site, you will increase the visibility of your content. In addition to the links obtained through your influence strategy, you can generate backlinks by commenting on blogs or interacting on forums.

To interact with blogs, you must stay awake on a certain number of keywords. Use Google Alerts to be notified of any new publication on a given subject. So you can view the article and post a comment including the link to your own content. Likewise, identify specialized forums that correspond to your sector and intervene when your content responds to issues raised by a member of the community.

Use content curation platforms

Designed to share the results of your thematic monitoring with your audience, content curation platforms such as Scoop it or can also be used to promote your own content. Indeed, by building an audience through the sharing of enlightening content on your field of activity, you yourself become an influencer of your field. And your content will be received with even more attention and enthusiasm.