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What is Pop Art movement and what makes it popular

The Pop Art movement started throughout the 1950s and 60s in Britain and America progressing around the items of the mass media. The artwork stemmed from pop culture turned into one of the United States’ significant creative movements of the 20th century.

The artwork, based on product packaging, tv, marketing, movies and even comics assisted to break down the long-held barriers between classicism and mass culture. Quickly after The Second World War, America was quickly becoming a culture of commercial adjustment, exhibitionism and instant success. These characteristics made it the best target for artists seeking to satirize the serious nature of the art world while at the same time holding a mirror as much as society as they saw it. And Andy Warhol was a very famous name of that era. You can learn more about Andy Warhol art for sale .

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Pop art integrates its standardized, low expense, expendable, glossy nature to motivate the huge money and intense lights to come calling. Some question if pop art is serious talk about the modern condition. Standard art critics may attempt to inform you what is and isn’t popular art, however, in the end, the decision is totally yours.

The availability of pop art makes nearly everybody with a desire to develop a pop artist. And although pop art has long since generated several sub-classifications and new and uncommon mediums; all of it returns to art for, of and by the masses. With every generation, America appears to end up being more youth-oriented probably ensuring the future of pop art and it’s amusing, young, sexy gimmicky works. The industry that is pop art is reinforced by the continuous homogenization of America and the blurring of the lines between art, pop culture and commercialism.

Pop art in America

Pop art in America grew throughout the early years and continues to prosper. Numerous new arts developed time. Street art, graffiti style of art and stenciling slowly ended up being popular. Many artists moved from abstract art to the world of pop, which was pleasing, amusing and most notably down-to-earth. Even today, exhibits of pop art are frequently held. Different galleries in New York City, Washington DC and other areas continue to display essential artwork of pop icons. People continue to be motivated by these works. And new forms of art continue to develop from what the specialist hands left us with.

The counterattack against abstract expressionism

Many believe that the art form became a direct attack on abstract expressionism. It was the time when the latter was acquiring appeal, and many artists thought that it did not have the required art components. Abstract art was elitist in nature appealing to just a specific class of people. Pop was popular, appropriate and used more metaphorical aspects as compared to abstract art causing its appeal.

The correct time

The art form emerged in America throughout the 1950s and 1960s. Many believe this to be an essential stage worldwide’s culture shifts. Mass media of entertainment like tv, ads, commercials were showing up rapidly. The globalization of popular songs and youth culture was happening. People were relating to these instruments of the media, and an art form associated with it was timed.