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Alignment with the albatross, men in colorful overalls stubbornly climb to the top, paving the way with ice axes. The kinks of the mountain resemble stock market currency charts .

currency charts

From above, an albatross looks at it all. Below is the caption: Suddenly, an airplane appears over the mountain, which drags the inscription: So, in the tips for choosing a broker stock animated video, the Central Bank decided to share tips for choosing a broker. It is with a license check, according to the regulator, that you need to start when choosing a brokerage company. However, as follows from the video, the company’s experience and reputation are also important. For this, the Central Bank believes, there are tips for choosing a stockbroker customer reviews.

The Best Thing

  • The next thing that an investor needs, as the authors of the video indicate, is to check how the brokerage company publishes its financial statements regularly. And then you can already conclude an agreement by choosing the most convenient way of trading: And finally, the regulator advises, you should pay attention to how much advice you need to pay to the broker to choose a stockbroker.
  • Indeed, the Central Bank reminds, some companies have a subscription fee for using the account, and also, perhaps, the client will have to pay for the trading terminal. Restless Regulator According to the Moscow Exchange, in July the number of registered individual customers exceeded 2.2 million. A year ago there were 1.67 million of them.

Conclusion From the moment the Forex market became accessible to mere mortals, more than two decades have passed. Despite this, hundreds of people every month turn to search engines with the question: Therefore, we will do our part and share the seven criteria that we pay attention to when choosing a broker. Let us open the topic on the example of the Belarusian market since the government of the republic applies some of their most stringent requirements to brokers. The company is a partner for us and provides our customers throughout the CIS with access to the Forex market.

Such a rapid increase in the number of citizens trying to make money on securities trading is directly related to the decline in the profitability of deposits in banks. Knowing full well that real inflation is somewhat at odds with the indicators published by Rosstat, former investors are trying to somehow preserve their savings.

Which stockbroker to choose a newbie?

This is perfectly illustrated by the statistics of mutual investment funds of mutual funds: Another 8 billion rubles were raised by equity funds. Obviously, such a rapid growth of private investors cannot but concern the regulator. In January, Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank Vladimir Chistyukhin even wrote a letter published on the website of the Central Bank in which he warned citizens against unscrupulous market participants who, under the guise of standard advice on choosing a stock service broker, are engaged in managing client money. In April, auto-sequencing turned out to be under the gun of the regulator.

List of the most popular brokers

All this was accompanied by a scandal with the exposure of one of the most popular authors of auto-sequencing strategies, Elvis Varlamov, who was accused of insider tips on choosing a stockbroker and using frontrunning. As a result, Marlamov’s accounts were blocked by his strategies used by about 2 thousand.