Perfection for the Best Used car Sale

Vehicles for sale or displayed for sale must have labeling affixed to or near the vehicle with the following mandatory information:

  • The make, type, model, version, if any, variant of the model, month and year of the 1st release
  • Total mileage traveled
  • The selling price, all taxes included, which will be effectively paid by the consumer, excluding the cost of the certificate and registration fees

These details must be identical to those appearing on the commercial documents purchase order, delivery note, invoice given during the sale. From AutoUncle you can now get the best bit.


Examine the documents provided by the seller of the used vehicle

The seller has the obligation to provide a certain number of documents:

  • The purchase order, delivery note or invoice including the sales name, the month and year of the 1st entry into service, the total mileage covered or not guaranteed, the mention of the price including all taxes, the deadline for delivery and method of financing.
  • The technical inspection report dating back less than 6 months.

The documents required to register the vehicle, in particular the transfer declaration certificate; the registration certificate e.g. registration card crossed out with the words sold or sold on followed by the seller’s signature; the certificate of non-opposition to the transfer of the registration certificate, which ensures the payment by the former owner of his fines and a certificate of pledge or non-pledge dating from less than a month.

Before any purchase, carefully examine the used car

  • Carefully examine the car body, engine and interior
  • Consult the maintenance book and the invoices for the interventions carried out which it is your responsibility to claim from the seller
  • Note the mileage on the meter to compare it with the documents provided.
  • Test the used car on different types of roads
  • Check the operation of the engine, handling, braking, clutch, etc.
  • After the purchase, in case of abnormal breakdowns, exercise the guarantees

The legal warranty or hidden defects applies provided that the defect is serious and that it prevents normal use of the vehicle; you must prove that the defect was hidden and that it existed before the purchase; if legal action is taken, it must be brought within a short time.

The commercial warranty, known as the manufacturer’s warranty, covers certain defects and defective parts for a limited period of 6 months, 1 year. The extent of this guarantee is shown on the order form.

Purchase from an individual

In the case of a purchase from an individual, the following documents must be given to the buyer:

  • The seller’s name and address
  • Receipt for cash payment
  • A certificate of declaration of transfer in 3 copies, with registration in particular of the mileage, the date of the 1st entry into service of the year
  • The maintenance book and invoices
  • The registration certificate

If it is a new model registration certificate, the detachable coupon must be completed with the contact details of the new owner and signed by the seller. It allows travel for one month until receipt of the new registration certificate.

An administrative status certificate dated less than 15 days. This document certifies that the vehicle is not the subject of a pledge or an opposition and that it can be sold and registered in the name of its new owner. This document is available in the prefecture or on the Internet.